Tostadas Ceremoniales

About Kab´an

Kab'an is the Mayan glyph associated with the earth, movement and change. Within the Mayan conception, the earth is one of the most important elements; Likewise, it is conceived as a whole with its own life, changing and evolving. Always for the benefit of those who inhabit it.

Tacos Dorados

Kab´an Cocina de Origen

We started our concept in 2019 with the purpose of delivering the best gastronomic experience in San Miguel de Allende. Thanks to our knowledge and dedication, we are on our way to being a benchmark in the industry, with fresh, substantial and unforgettable but specially all innovative dishes.

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Our kitchen

In our restaurant we support local producers and at the same time we use the best ingredients from each locality, that is why we bring each of our supplies from those places where they are achieved with the highest standards in the industry.

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Our team

We have highly qualified and specialized personnel in each of they work perform in our restaurant, so we guarantee that the experience you will live with us will be very pleasant and unmatched.